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Synaptik Group, Business Strategy, Consulting, Business Consulting, Leadership, Partnership, Vision

Synaptik Group founded its corporate culture on four key attributes: Leadership, Partnership, Teamwork and Vision. Synaptik leaders are former Fortune 100 CEO's, CFO's and COO's from a myriad of burgeoning industries.


Synaptik also has a partner network that is comprised of Subject Matter Experts and Big 4 Consultants within our focused industries. Our partners provide our teams with proven, real world experience that readily propels Synaptik ahead of our competitors.   


Synaptik's teamwork and vision are the foundation of our corporate success. We know that our combined actions make us efficient and effective, resulting in consistent value for our clients.


Diversity & Inclusion

Synaptik Group, Diversity, Consulting, Business Consulting, Leadership, Vision

Synaptik fully recognizes and embraces the value and existence of all individuals in our workplace, marketplace and the communities we serve.


We strive to create a corporate environment in which every person is valued, respected, and has an opportunity to fully participate in creating both individual and corporate success regardless of their nationality, generation, or physical ability. 


Our corporate goal is to create local and global relationships that promote respect and acceptance of individual differences in every market we serve.

Culture & Ethics​

Synaptik Group, Ethical, Ethics, Corporate Culture, Consulting, Business Consulting, Vision

Synaptik's culture and core values are founded on its three Ethical Absolutes.


Loyalty resonates our corporate mantra to remain steadfast in our stated commitments to our employees and clients. 


Integrity embodies our leadership and our business practices. We will do what we say and deliver what we promise.


Trust is Synaptik's most formidable attribute. We trust each other to uphold the core values of our company, and to work tirelessly in support of fairness in our interactions and communications.


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