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Quality Healthcare is founded on the proper collection, structuring, analysis and maintenance of Data, and the establishment of Quality Management Systems, and Quantitative Project Management processes that ensure continued improvements in individual and community based Healthcare outcomes.


Synaptik Group provides Business Process and Process Performance Improvement Services that positively impact population health management outcomes, and Provider bottom lines. Our Healthcare Operations and Management Services include the following:


Quality Management Systems (QMS) Development:  The establishment and management of Business Processes that focus on Maintaining Consistency, Enhancing Operations, and Providing Evidence of Compliance and Quality for Audits.

Process Development Services include:

  • Policy Development

  • Standard Operating Procedures Development

  • Work Instructions Development

Quantitative Project Management (QPM) Development:  The establishment and management of Process Performance Objectives and Project Quality standards that statistically measure, monitor and correct medical services and procedures.


Quantitative Metrics Development include:

  • Patient Safety

  • Person/Family Engagement

  • Care Coordination

  • Job Aid Development

  • Monitoring Documents Development

  • Recovery and Continuity Documents Development

  • Effective Treatment

  • Healthy Living

  • Patient Impacts and Costs Avoided


The use of Structured Clinical Data and the standards that support it are necessary to enable the proper development and utilization of Population Health Management Services, Translational Research, Artificial Intelligence, and Personalized Medicine. 

Since 2011, Synaptik Group has worked with CMS sanctioned EHR companies, HIE Companies, Payors and Providers to perfect the translation and structuring of data to make it computer “processable” and to ensure that operational and monetary value can be realized from all data used and stored by our clients. Synaptik Group provides Data Management Services that positively impact population health management outcomes, and ultimately improve Provider bottom lines.


Our Data Management Services include: 


  • Data Extraction (disparate systems)

  • Data Structuring

  • Data Analysis & Reporting

  • Data Management

  • Project Management




Government System Integration Evaluations

Systems Handshake Evaluations

Systems Integraton

Data Exchange Management

Project Management

Ongoing Maintenance


  • Functional Assessments

  • Disparate System Integration

  • Hardware and Software Provisioning

  • System Implementation

  • System Maintenance

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