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Synaptik Group is a solutions provider. Our services help clients maintain adaptability in the face persistent economic and market changes, realize speed-to-market through technology innovations, and sustain profitability during rapid market shifts.


We are a team of forward thinking professionals that help clients define, improve and maintain profitable business operations by defining the right business strategy, implementing the right technologies and securing the right strategic partnerships when required. With over 30 years of consulting and business experience and a foundation built on integrity, loyalty and trust our clients rely on us to hard wire flexibility into their organizations without sacrificing effectiveness and quality.  We are proud of our track record and continue to work diligently to deliver best-in-class services that drive success for our clients. 

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Consulting and Business Services

Synaptik Group has a team of forward thinking professionals and subject matter experts whose business management expertise spans thirty years, and five vertical industries (Technology, Healthcare, Media, Financial Services and Manufacturing). Our world-class solutions keep our clients confident in their operations in the face of persistent business trends, and steps ahead of business curves.


Healthcare Services

Synaptik Group has been at the fore of the Healthcare paradigm shift since 2011. We work closely with regional hospitals, individual clinicians and service providers to structurally define and manage care tracks that readily meet the demands of Pay-for-Performance healthcare. Our structured data sets are designed to accommodate multiple technology platforms, and to assure that a client's data is easily identifiable for data-mining and analytic purposes. Our clients enjoy full inter-operability of the flow of data between their systems and the systems of other service providers and payor agencies. 


Synaptik Group, P4P, Healthcare, Healthcare Consulting, Data Management, System Development
Technology Services

As rapid advances in technology continue to shape our future, fuel innovation and propel economic growth Synaptik Group consistently positions its Technology Services to provide our clients a worry-free approach to achieving their Information Technology goals. Our Robust Cloud Solutions (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS), Technology Hardware Offerings (VAR), and Systems, and Software Development services push technology boundaries while accurately delivering cost-effective results that allow our clients, across a myriad of industries, to focus less on the cost and control of technology and more on the strategic and financial growth of their business.  

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